4 measures to be taken before trying a hair colour


    Before trying your hand in hair colouring , one must make sure to take certain precautions. There are various products in the market which have harmful chemicals and can be harmful for your natural hair. Here are certain precautions to be taken before trying a hair colour.

    hair colour

    1. Check for split ends and damage: it is advisable to check the situation of your hair for strength, split ends and other damage caused to the hair. Trying a hair colour on damaged hair will make it look messy.
    2. Avoid straightening or curling: Before you are going to try a hair colour, make sure that you keep away from straightening and curling as it can lead to hair damage.

    3. Consult a hair expert: This is the safest option as an expert can give the best advise after looking at your hair condition. The hair expert can advise on what precautions or hair treatments to be taken before hair colouring.

    4. Patch test: When you are trying a hair colour at home, make sure that you first do a patch test on the skin and a section of the hair. Wait for about 24 hours to see if it causes any reaction to the skin or hair. If it works then you can proceed with the rest of the hair colouring.

    Photo Credits: Parent hub