5 Ways to save cooking gas at home


    Cooking gas is a fuel which is used on a daily basis in homes and businesses. With rising inflation and scarce natural resources it is essential that we value the available fuel resources. Here are a few easy ways by which one can save fuel without compromising on cooking.

    gas ring

    1. Avoid clay pans for cooking; Clay pans or pots consume plenty of fuel and takes longer than usual. Use stainless steel utensils instead which saves fuel as well as time in cooking.

    2. Use a wide pan: While cooking make sure that you use a wide pan which covers all the flame. In some cases when you use a hollow pan, the heat on the sides gets wasted.

    3. Reduce the flame after boil: After the food has come to a boil, reduce the flane as it is enough to maintain the boiling.

    4. Do not use excess water to cook: While cooking, do not pour excess quantity of water so that it cooks as the water evaporates. Cooking can also be done in just enough water which helps to reduce the duration time.

    5. Keep the utensils closed: By keeping a lid on the pan helps the heat to circulate inside the pan and cook faster.

    Photo Credits: Indanetnp