Israel Says Gaza Won’t Recieve Aid From Lebanon


Updated Trends: Israel Says Gaza Won’t Recieve Aid From Lebanon

Israel has warned the U.N., that two ships which will be carrying aid to Gaza from Lebanon won’t be reaching the port in Gaza. For the reason that, these vessels would be violating the existing naval blockade in Gaza. The statement was made in a letter by the Israeli Ambassador to the US, Gabrela Shalev, to the Secretary General of the UN,Ban Ki Moon and Security General Joy Ogwu.

Aid ships

Israel had eased out its Naval blockade in the Gaza region, due to the criticism and pressure which had been put on Israel by international governments, due to the killing of the Turkish people on the flotilla that was carrying aid to Gaza.

Israel is allowing food and other types of aid to enter Gaza through road, but still has maintained a tight grip on their naval blockade. Gaza has been under militant command since the year 2007. Shalev stated that Israel will use any means to prevent these ships
to reach Gaza, as per the international laws. Further more he stated that these vessels can also carry weapons and ammunition support for the people of Gaza, and also people who are who would be having provocative and confrontational intentions against the Israelites.