4 Ways to go through winter flu-free


UpdatedTrends.com: Winter is almost here and the flu season has already begun, but it is good to know that there are ways to protect ourselves against it. Even though some people rely only on flu vaccines to get them through the cold months, there are also other solutions to staying healthy in the upcoming period. Here are 4 ways to have a flu-free winter.

Ways to go through winter flu-free

1. Stock up on vitamin D РThis vitamin is extremely important as it keeps our bodies functioning optimally and it also supports our immune system. As winter prevents us from getting sufficient amounts of vitamin D from sunshine, it is a good option to take a vitamin D3 supplement on a daily basis.

2. Take a probiotic every day РHaving a well-functioning and healthy gut is what a strong immune system depends on and probiotics will help you in keeping your gut functioning normally. Keep in mind that you should take a probiotic with 10-20 billion organisms on a daily basis.

3. Give yourself an¬†antiviral boost –¬†Antiviral herbs have the ability to boost your immune system and protect your body, without creating¬†resistant viral strains. Some of the best¬†antivirals include olive leaf extract, elderberry extract, grapefruit seed extract, andrographis and garlic.

4. Relaxing – It is very important to reduce your levels of stress during flu and cold season. Working out is another great way of keeping your immune system healthy, but make sure not to overdo it. Keep in mind you should also do some yoga or simply relax in order to relieve tension and improve mental and physical strength.

Photo Credits: SexyAfterKids