4 Ways to incorporate cardio into your daily routine


UpdatedTrends.com: We all know how important active lifestyle and exercising are – they contribute to a higher quality of life, improve our health and put us in a better mood – however, long working hours and busy schedules can sometimes interfere with our regular gym sessions. The good news is that even if you cannot make it to the gym, there are 4 ways to incorporate cardio into your daily routine and stay active, healthy and happy.

Ways to incorporate cardio into your daily routine

1. Be a stair master – Next time you are at work, choose the stairs and take one at a time, not two. Climbing a 15-meter stairway five days a week can burn about 300 calories on a weekly basis, so that must be a good reason to ditch the elevator.

2. Walk and talk – If your job requires you to hold and attend meetings on a regular basis, try walking and talking the next time you are in one. Mobile meetings can not only improve your health, but boost creativity and strengthen work relationships.

3. Ditch the drive – Using public transportation or a car is not only stressful, but also increases your sitting time and results in weight gain. Leave your car or skip the bus and bike or walk to work.

4. Do your chores – Doing your chores will not only keep your house clean, but will help you in losing weight as well! You can burn 75 calories by vacuuming for 30 minutes, while washing your car burns over 150 calories.

Photo Credits: Fitneass