Report States To Analyze Writing Style With ‘I Write Like’


    Updated Trends:  Analyze Your Writing Style With ‘I Write Like’

    The newly launched website let’s you know, who is the great personality you share your writing with. ‘I Write Like’ is the new craze on the net that analyzes your writing style.


    The website is a creation of 27 year old, Dmitry Chestnykh, a Russian software programmer who is at present living in Montenegro.

    To analyze your writing skill, you should log on to the website:

    In the website all you have to do is paste some of your, self written paragraphs and click on the button ‘Analyze’ that has been given at the bottom of the page.

    Within few seconds, the name of that eminent personality will be right there in your screen.

    The site does not claim to be 100 per cent scientific but the revelation of influence in your writing has become crazily popular.