Southern China braces for Typhoon Conson


China is all ready to take on the worst floods of the whole decade that the country is going to face in the during the oncoming typhoon Conson. The typhoon has already claimed 37 lives in the Philippines, and has the potential to bring heavy rains and floods with it.


Meteorological Department of China, has predicted that there would winds of 120 kmph in the country during the typhoon. Hainan, a small island off the coast of China would be the first to be hit by the typhoon, and it houses around 24000 fishing boats, which all have been recalled. Light rain and dark atmosphere has already shrouded the island before Conson makes landfall.

Yangtze river has become a point of concern now, as there is a huge risk of flooding the river, but as per the reports, it is still to reach its danger level yet. It was in the year 1998 that, China had experienced the worst of the rainfall. It was because, heavy rail poured down on the Yangtze, and flooded to a dangerous extent killing many people that year.