3 Ways to change your body


You are spending hours in the gym on a regular basis and still fail to see any results of your hard work and effort? If this is the case, there is a possibility that you are doing something wrong, but Katy Clark – fitness trainer and former contestant on Food Network Star – suggests 3 useful ways to change your body and feel and look great.

3 Ways to change your body

1. Reassess your workout – You need to ask yourself whether you are working out in order to make a change? A good, effective workout needs to leave you feeling one of the following three things: you need to be breathing heavy, sweating or feeling sore the following day. If you did not achieve any of these 3 things, then you did not have a good workout.

2. Be consistent – Make sure to find something that you like, because in that case you will stick with it. If you do something consistently, it will bring the change you want in the end. Call a friend to join you, challenge yourself, but just do it. Think of an one-hour workout as spending just 4% of your day on something good for yourself.

3. Use weights – Whatever weight you are using while working out, the best results are achieved if you are weight training with weights which are heavy enough to make you feel tired at 10 repetitions. If you are not tired by rep number 10, make sure to go a bit heavier.

Photo Credits: Sisterhood of Natural Hair