4 Sunburn remedies you have at home


If you spend a lot of time outdoors, in the sun, or simply have sensitive skin prone to redness, keep in mind that you do not need to head to the drugstore every time you run out of aloe gel. You can simply go through your pantry and chances are high that you will have one of these sunburn remedies.

4 Sunburn remedies you have at home

1. Potatoes – Even though potatoes are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of sunburn remedies, their starchy compounds will help take the sting out of your sunburn. Try cutting up a potato, blend it so that it looks like a paste and smooth it on. After it dries, rinse it with cold water and you will feel better already.

2. Baking soda – Just a sprinkle of baking soda to a lukewarm tub will do the trick. The baking soda can balance the pH of your skin and significantly decrease the level of pain of a sunburn.

3. Cornstarch – If you have problems with your clothes rubbing against your sunburn, use cornstarch along those areas. Cornstarch can help stop the chafing as it sucks up moisture, which can be the main reason for chafing.

4. Ibuprofen – If for some reason previous 3 home remedies fail to help, you can always take ibuprofen. It will reduce swelling and redness, as well as decrease the level of pain.

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