5 Ways to save money on your next trip


Traveling is great and we all look forward to exploring new places and cultures, however, most of us also know how quickly the money disappears when we are abroad. A souvenir here and a taxi ride there and we usually end up spending more than we wanted. If you are planning your next trip and have a budget you need to stick to, here are 5 ways to do so.


1. Use public transportation – you will save both money and time this way, as this is how the locals get to work. Public buses are also cheaper than tour ones and subways in London and Beijing are often cheaper and faster than taxis.

2. Choose guesthouses and hostels over hotels – most travelers do not realize that nowadays, hostels are offering great service, with private rooms and baths available in addition to the dorms. You will most likely get a near-hotel experience at a good price, plus meet other people in common areas during breakfast or happy hour.

3. Eat on the street – you will be able to see the food being prepared right in front of you, as well as determine its quality and freshness. Also, you cannot go wrong if you eat where locals are, as you will certainly get excellent food at the best price.

4. Book overnight trains or buses – if you need to travel a long distance from one place to the other, do it in your sleep. You will eliminate hotel or hostel expenses, plus get to your next destination while taking a nap.

5. Try housesitting – taking care of someone’s home while they are away is a great way to experience the world. In return for walking the dog or watering the plants, you will be able to live like a local.