5 Ways to stay healthy at work


As the amount of time we spend at the office – as well as the level of stress – increase, it is important to make your day at work as healthy as it can be. This may seem challenging when faced with long hours in the chair, unhealthy snacks and stressful meetings, but here are five easy ways that will help you to stay healthy at work.


1. Make time for a workout – exercise is the perfect way to deal with sitting at a desk all day or stressing over deadlines. Make sure to find a gym that is close to your office and, according to your schedule, decide if morning, lunchtime or evening workouts work best for you.

2. Fight workday stress – stress caused by a hectic day, pressure from the boss or too many meetings can interfere with your productivity, as well as lead to physical ailments. Find ways to fight stress at the office, whether it is listening to a favorite song or phoning a friend for a quick chat.

3. Take small desk breaks – a recent study showed that sitting at a desk all day is not only bad for you, it can be lethal. Make a habit of taking small breaks and walk around the office or outside and stretch your neck, arms and legs.

4. Keep healthy snacks – in order to keep energy level up and stay healthy, grab a snack that is a mix of protein and complex carbs. Yogurt, nuts and fruit are always a great choice.

5. Bring a healthy lunch – save both calories and money by making your own healthy lunch and bringing it to work. This is a better option than eating out, as you never know what actually goes into the recipe you ordered.