Two Dead During Protest On Power Project In Andhra Pradesh


Updated Trends: Two Dead During Protest On Power Project In Andhra Pradesh

At least two people were reported to be killed and many others injurded, which include 30 policemen, in a protest in the district of Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh.

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The protests erupted between the group of people which consisted farmers and fishermen, who went against the police, protesting against the upcoming power plant in the district.

The protest had started at the site when the large number of fishermen and farmers from the local area gathered at the site where the proposed Thermal Power Plant is to be established.

The site is 120 kms away from the port city of Vishakpatnam. Sowmya Mishra, the DIG of Police stated that they had to open fire looking at the situation, but then everything just went out of control and the people started to attack the policemen, in which many policemen were injured.

During the incident some media persons too recieved injuries, as people had started pelting stones on the police and overturned their vehilces and set it on fire. It is now confirmed that there were two people killed in the incident and unaccounted number of people injured.