5 Ways to avoid gaining weight in the summer


UpdatedTrends.com: Even though the weather is nice and sunny, you are spending plenty of time outdoors and have a huge selection of fresh fruit and veggies available, you still seem to be gaining weight, or simply cannot lose any. Here are the reasons why this is happening and ways to avoid it.

1. It is too hot to exercise – If the weather is too warm and humid for an outdoor activity, you can always go to  air-conditioned gyms and swimming pools to motivate yourself to be active.

2. You often reach for cold drinks – Ice cold beer, soda or margarita definitely taste great during long summer days, but keep in mind they are full of calories. Stick to water or seltzer when you are thirsty to save up on calories.

3. Too many barbecues – Having a busy social life and hanging out with friends and family is great, but attending one too many barbecues during summertime will take a toll on your weight. Go easy on the beer, dips and potato salad and load up on grilled veggies and turkey burger instead.

4. Ice cream is your weakness – Summer is the perfect time for ice cream, but if you are trying to lose weight opt for lower-calorie treats such as sorbet and fruit bars.

5. Eating out is fun – Even though outdoor seating at restaurants and coffee places are wonderful in the summer, try not to give in. This way you will most likely consume more calories than you actually need, so keep in mind to limit eating out to once a week and cook or prepare fresh and easy salads during the remaining 6 days of the week.