5 Signs you need more free time


If you find yourself running from one task to another all the time, without actually accomplishing much, you need to press pause and reevaluate your time management skills. Here are five signs you need more free time and ways to find a balance between work and rest.


1. You worry about your time – if you are constantly going over your to-do list, wishing you had more time and stressing over the fact you do not or rearranging your schedule, it is time to take a break – from time. To deal with this, simply remove one least important task for that day. Instead, spend that time enjoying small things you love, like having a great cup of coffee or listening to your favorite album.

2. You forgot what the word ‘spontaneous’ means – when someone asks you out for a movie or a last-minute dinner party, first thing that comes to your mind is how your busy schedule is going to be jeopardized. You need to work on this by allowing possibly great, unexpected experiences to come into your life and make time for them.

3. You eat on the go – if you eat your meals in your car, behind the computer or while on the phone, it means you are too busy. Try having at least one meal a day free of all distractions. Leave the office, catch some fresh air and enjoy every bite of your delicious meal.

4. You do not find time for your best friend – if you have not spoken to people closest to you in weeks, or if you did and it was a rushed conversation, you need to reevaluate what is important to you. Make a list of people who are most important to you and spend quality time with them on a regular basis.

5. You are not getting enough sleep – crazy schedule is often followed by a lack of sleep. Do not wait until the weekend to catch up on your much-needed rest, but try to incorporate 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, as it is recommended for adults. This way you will have more energy to take on all challenges that await you.