Russian in US Custody As Recent Spy Scandal Broadens


Updated Trends: Russian in US Custody As Recent Spy Scandal Broadens

A 23 year old Russian origin person is now been held in the US custody, but under the allegations of spying. The US officials have stated that this person has not been found passing informations to Russia, like the 10 who were held for spying and had confessed individually what they were doing. US is looking forward to deport the Russian as soon as possible.


A certain officer who had been involved in the Russian spy case, stated that this man doesn’t have anything to do with the 10 Russians who were deported. This Russian had recieved a VISA to enter the US in the month of July,and he came to US on the month of October, since then he is under constant monitoring by the U.S officials.

10 Russian origin people were arrested of being spying for their country, and were staying as civilians in the US. The have been recently swapped to Russia, in exchange of American spies. The swap had taken place in the city of Vienna last week.