5 Ways video games can adversely affect your life


Although video games are now very much a part of pop culture, there are a few drawbacks of spending hours in front of the console. Scientists have testified to certain games helping to develop reflex and other functions in limited doses, however there is a whole other side to playing video games for long hours.

Video Games

Here are 5 ways video games can adversely affect your health and lifestyle:

1. Development of disorders: Certain video games can be tough to put away and physical injuries such as repetitive stress injury can be caused by overuse of gaming consoles and keyboards.

2. Game addiction: There are a few video games that have been designed to keep giving the gamer rewards for playing in a certain way. Once a gamer is hooked to this reward system they will continue to seek the next higher reward, leading to an unending cycle.

3. Lack of development: Playing video games is a time consuming activity. When children spend too much time in front of the console they are neglecting activities that could help them develop important social and physical skills.

4. Loss of time and money: Video games these days require users to shell out money for in-game rewards, this will make your wallet lighter by the minute.

5. Negative habits: Playing games non-stop results in people developing negative habits like opting for fast food, not cleaning their surroundings, lack of sleep and lack of personal hygiene.