5 ways to identify osteoporosis


UpdatedTrends.com: Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones of the body become brittle and fragile. Such a condition can lead to fractures and it can cause two types of fractures, one by cracking and the other by compression. It is common in women, but men also suffer from this silent disease. Here are a few signs to identify osteoporosis.

1. Hump – Osteoporosis can lead to a hump in men and women which is also known as the Dowager’s hump. Such a condition is caused by multiple fractures in the spine and causes it to bend and creating a hump on the back.

2. Frequent fractures – Many times people do not even come to know that they are suffering from osteoporosis until they fracture a bone. A fracture due to osteoporosis is caused by an activity, which usually does not cause a fracture. Fracture in the hip are one of the main fractures in patients suffering from osteoporosis, while compression fractures usually take place in the spine.

3. Fractures due to stress – Stress-related fractures can be caused by doing daily activities like walking. Such fractures are minute and many times it might not even be known unless they have pain.

4. Shrinking height – Reduction in height is another indication of osteoporosis due to compression fracture in the spine. In such a condition one can suffer from severe back pain.

5. Swelling – Not many people are aware of the fact that a swellings or joint pains which are commonly associated with arthritis could actually be a sign that you might be suffering from osteoporosis. Persistent leg cramps at night could also be a warning sign.

In order to prevent this disease, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, exercise daily and go for regular check ups.