4 ways to identify poor and polluted air


Pollution is a major problem faced by societies around the world these days. A study has mentioned that about 2.4 million people every year die of causes which are directly related to air pollution. Out of these, more than half of the deaths result from indoor air pollution. Here are a few ways by which polluted air can be identified.

1. Vision – Pollution can be identified by visual inspection which can detect dust, pollen or dust. Once the problem is identified, it must be resolved as quickly as possible. One should also remove and replace moldy material and start using HEPA filters and vacuums. This will help in reducing the particles.

2. Smell – Pollutants can also be identified by the smell they emit. Chemical smells or moldy odors can be identified after which the source of the smell has to be found. At times, moldy areas can also be replaced as in the case of musty carpets.

3. Health monitoring – One has to also keep a constant check on health. If a person develops asthma or allergies, or even has flu-like symptoms, the individual has to be removed from that environment.

4. Devices – There are also detecting devices which are available to detect unsafe levels of harmful gases like carbon monoxide and radon. If required,  consult a professional of the levels are higher.