Bad effects of sun on humans


Sunlight is good for human beings but it also has many bad effects on human health. The ultraviolet rays from the sun are responsible for a number of problems which can cause harm to the human body. The rays which are emitted by the sun include UVA, UVB and UVC.

1. Burns – If the human body is exposed to sun light for a long time then this can result in sun burns. Some of the symptoms of sunburn include, redness on the skin, pain and heat spreading across the affected area.

2. Cancer of the skin- The harmful ultra violet rays of the sun can even cause skin cancer. The UVB rays are a type of rays which are commonly associated with melanoma which is the severest form of skin cancer. This can be avoided by applying son screen lotion and covering the exposed portion of the body with appropriate clothes.

3. Damage to eyes – Direct staring at the sunlight can damage the eye sight. It damages the outer layer of the eyes which is known as the cornea. The problem can also lead to cataract due to which the vision can become blurred. One has to wear appropriate sunglasses to protect from the strong rays of sunlight.