5 ways to get rid of room odours


UpdatedTrends.com: Room odors are a common condition faced by most people at home, especially during the rainy season when the dampness remains in the house. Burning scented candles or using room fresheners can only provide temporary relief, and then that strong odor comes hitting you back again. There are other effective methods to emit the bad odor from rooms.

1. Throw out trash – Find trash and debris in the house and throw it outside the house – in your bin. Also look under the furniture if something is hiding or is out of sight. Check the ndoor plants and remove any decomposing plant waste or stagnant water.

2. Pets – Bathe your adorable indoor pets. Many times, pets are responsible for unpleasant smell in the house due to a smelly coat or dirty pet beds.

3. Laundry – Clean or remove the unwashed laundry or fabrics in the room. In the rainy season, half dried clothes or sweaty socks can be responsible for creating unpleasant odour. Make sure that you hang your clothes in a breezy place or let them dry under the fan.

4. Open windows – Let the fresh air come in and let the sunlight enter the room. Sunlight helps in emitting the dampness in the house and leaves the room dry. Also switch the fan so that the air keep circulating in an out.

5. Carpets – Sprinkle baking soda on dry carpets and upholstery. Let it set for three hours and then vacuum up the baking soda.

Remember that you need to keep dampness at bay at all costs to eliminate bad odors in your house. If there are leakages in your house, make sure you get it fixed so that the health of your family is not at risk.