4 ways to get relief from sinus headache


UpdatedTrends.com: Sinus headaches can be extremely painful and create a deep and dull pain in the front of the face and head. Such headaches are caused due to the inflammation of the sinuses. Leaning over or bending down can make the condition worse. Even cold weather and dampness can make the condition bad. Here are a few ways to get relief from Sinus headaches.

1. Appropriate diet – People suffering from Sinus headaches can consume probiotics which are found in yogurt and other foods. Even pineapples which has Bromelain helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation.

2. Useful herbs – Certain herbs like eucalyptus can be used to get rid of the mucus and can also be treated to get rid of flu or cold congestion which leads to sinus headaches. Even Sinupret helps in relieving the sinusitis symptoms. Some other herbs which help in such a condition include, willow bark, devil’s claw and Chinese skullcap.

3. Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a treatment which uses the technique of placing small and slender needles in some strategic places on the body to relieve pain. It helps in relieving energetic imbalances which cause congestion and inflammation.

4. Surgery – In extreme cases, chronic cases do not respond to normal medication and the doctor might suggest a surgery which is performed to remove bone spurs or polyps.