Ideas for heart healthy breakfast


A good, healthy and nutritious breakfast is the key to maintain a good health of not only the body but also of the heart. Breakfast helps to kick start the metabolism of the body. Breakfast should be good for the body as well as for the heart. Here are a few heart healthy breakfast ideas.

1. Cereal and oats – It might sound boring but is can be made interesting with the help of some creativity. With a bowl of cereal and oats one can make the dish colourful by adding some fruits and some sugar.

2. Wheat bread and peanut butter – Instead of white bread, substitute it with whole wheat bread which is much more healthier. With whole wheat bread one can have non fat cheese or some peanut butter.

3. Healthy smoothies – If you don’t have the time to make healthy breakfast then just churn in some yogurt, apples, fresh berries, pineapples to make a yummy smoothy. If you have time then you can top it with chopped apples and grapes.

4. A full breakfast – For those who prefer to have a full cooked breakfast, go for a whole wheat version of the pancakes, which are otherwise rich with cholesterol and saturated fat.