Foods that help prevent heartburn

1868 People suffer from heart burn condition when the stomach acid reaches the esophagus and causes pain below the ribs. It is a common problems which is faced by many people. However there are foods which can help to avoid heart burn.

1. Poor man’s fruit – Papaya is the best food for the stomach and helps in reducing heart burn. The fruit is known for being rich in enzymes particularly Papain which helps in soothing the stomach and assists the body in digestion. Papaya is also considered as vegetable pepsin as it is similar to the pepsin found in the stomach.

2. Fibre- Food that contains high fibre lessens heart burn. High fibre diet is also considered as a preventive measure against colon cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. The high fibre diet also reduces the food intake while keeping the person healthy.

3. Ginger – For many years, the Chinese have used ginger to heal ailments particularly for motion sickness. It is a good alternative to prevent heart burn. Ginger can be taken through any hot drink like tea or coffee.

4. Food that causes heatburn – The acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits can cause heart burn. Even the fatty food like cheese, junk food and caffeine can also cause heart burn.