Top four ways to quit nail biting


Fingernail biting can be a disturbing habit and is usually associated with nervousness. The habit can leave the nails damaged and force them to grow back improperly. Biting fingernails can be compulsive and even unintentional. Here are a few ways which can help to quit biting fingernails.

1. Nail enamel – Make sure you paint your nails with a nail polish. If possible get it done from a professional. Nail polish helps in hardening the nails and leaves them more resistant against the attempts to bite them.

2. Apply anti –biting solution – An anti nail biting solution is used to apply on the fingers and it is also used as a deterrent. The solution is most effective against the subconscious and habitual nail biting.

3. Weaning – Work on the process by selecting a single nail to avoid biting for a week. During that week allow yourself to bite the other nails. And like this increase the number of fingers and wean yourself.

4. Busy hands – As far as possible try keeping your hands busy. One of the main reason that people bite fingers is their urge to do something with their hands. Avoid spending long idle hours without using your hands.