Food items to be avoided while wearing braces

1745 Braces are used in orthodontic treatments which rectifies the position of the teeth to give a healthy and good looking smile. However, during the treatment it is essential that the patient must avoid a few food items which could damage the appliance. Here are a few food items which should be avoided while wearing braces.

1. Hard and crunchy food – One must be careful and avoid crunchy food items like cookies and chips as they could damage the brackets on the appliance. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy snacking, there are plenty of other softer options.

2. Chewy candies and gums – You must avoid chewy candies or gum including jelly beans which could damage the appliance. Another reason to avoid the sticky substances, is that it could stick to the appliance and can cause tooth decay.

3. Hard baked food – There are a few substances like hard bread which cause scratches on the appliance. There are many other options like buttered corn fluffy banana pancakes, or butter rolls which can be had instead of the hard food substances.

4. Acidic – Eve acidic food must be avoided while wearing braces. This could damage the enamel of the teeth. If you drink cold drinks then you must avoid ice cubes which can create cracks on the cement bonds on the braces.