Russian Foreign Ministry breaks Silence – States There Was a Spy swap


The Russian Foreign Ministry (SVR) on Friday issued a statement, which confirmed, that they have conducted a spy swap between the US and Russia. According to the statement issued, the SVR and America’s CIA, they conducted the swap between 10 arrested Russian citizens in America and four previously arrested people in Russia. This move was strictly based on humanitarian grounds, which has been focused in improving the relations between both the nations.


This move has come in, because both, Moscow and Washington are looking ahead of making strong ties with each other. According to the spokeswoman of the Kremlin, Natalia Timakova, she states that, the President, Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree, which has pardoned the arrested who were convicted of spying for the Western Intelligence agencies.

On the other hand the US deported all the 10 arrested suspects to Russia in the exchange of the four convicted in Russia including the arms specialist Igor Sutyagin. This seems to the biggest spy swap since the Cold War era. And it was known that the suspected Russians haven’t provided any sensitive information to the its national intelligence.