Acid in energy drinks takes away teeth enamel?


Updated Trends: It is normally believed that high levels of sugar in the drinks tend to rot your teeth. But not many people notice the acid that is being consumed. Dentists across the globe have warned people that it is high time to keep a watch on the consumption of energy drinks by youngsters as it could have disastrous effects on teeth.

A study published in the May/June issue of General Dentistry has observed the effects of the energy drinks on the teeth. The researchers have observed that there is a lot of citric acid in the drinks.

Citric acid is known for enhancing the flavour and its shelf life. Apart from enhancing the flavour, the preservative also takes away the enamel of the teeth. The dentists have expressed concern for teens as 30 to 50 percent of them are estimated to be consuming energy drinks on a regular basis.

When the enamel of the teeth is worn off, it is more prone to cavities and more likely to decay. Poonam Jain, an associate professor in the School of Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois Unversity, Edwardsville said, “We are well aware of the damage that sugar does in the mouth and in the whole body — the role it can play in obesity, diabetes, etc”. Jain added that the average consumer is not very well that the acid can damage the teeth.