Sleep loss due to social jet lag linked to obesity?


Updated Trends: A study in Europe has stated that there is a mismatch between the internal clock of the body, which wants us to wake up, and when the alarm clock rings to get people to work and school on time. Such a mismatch could be a possible reason for obesity.

Overwork and a hectic social life in the structure of the modern societies results in a social jet lag, which is a syndrome that is related to the internal clock of the body and the realities of the daily schedules which makes people sleepy. Researchers in Germany have analysed sleep, height, weight, age and sex which was submitted by 65,000 Europeans.

Professor Till Roenneberg of Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen in Munich and his co-authors concluded, “Beyond sleep duration, social jet lag is associated with increased body mass index,” a measure of overweight and obesity. It has been presumed that the majority of the population works the early shift which makes them more prone to gaining weight.

According to the researchers, the sleep timing is incompatible with the work schedules that most of the people follow. Working on weekdays builds up sleep debt and this is then compensated by sleeping on free days.

What would be the best thing in such a situation? make sure you eat healthy, exercise, take walks, socialize with friends and family, but make sure to hit the sack soon so you get 7-8 whole hours of sleep.