5 ways to avoid eye infections


UpdatedTrends.com: Sometimes eye infections can lead to serious problems that can even affect your eye sight. Infection in the eyes can also cause redness, itchiness and can make you feel insecure about showing your face. Here are a few ways one can avoid infection in the eyes.


1. Maintain hygiene – As far as possible maintain personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly. Avoid rubbing your eyes as hands are carriers of bacteria and oil due to which the infection in the eye can increase.

2. Visit doctor in case of severe infection – Sometimes the infection can also become severe and in such a case it is essential to take professional advice and get it treated. Any discharge from the eye, redness or pain is a sign of severity of infection.

3. Avoid contact lenses during infection – When suffering from an eye infection, it is better to avoid wearing contact lenses as it can make the condition worse. Instead one can wear glasses and wash them twice a day with an antibacterial soap.

4. Regular medication – When a doctor has prescribed some medication for the eye infection it is essential that it must be taken regularly without any delay. It is also essential to complete the dose even of you have fully recovered of the infection.

5. Use prescribed eye drops – Mild eye drop are the best way to keep your eyes away from infections. Check up with your doctor on which type of eye drops are best suited for everyday use.