Natural ways of increasing good cholesterol in the body

2176 If you didn’t already know, there are actually two types of cholesterol in the body. One is the bad cholesterol which chokes the arteries and causes cardiac arrests and other related ailments, and the other one is the good cholesterol which is good for the body. There are easy and natural ways of increasing the good cholesterol in the body.


1. Cranberry Juice – Researchers state that the polyphenols in the cranberries may be the key that helps in raising the good cholesterol level in the body. One can drink at least 8 t0 12 ounces of cranberry juice in a day for four weeks to increase the HDL levels.

2. Tomatoes – Researchers in Israel found that just 10 ½ ounces of tomato juice base foods every day for at least a month helps in raising the HDL levels by 15 percent. One can go for low sodium tomato soup or pasta with marinara sauce.

3. Exercise – Exercise does not mean that you have to find time for it. One can just increase the daily activity like walking to the grocery instead of taking the vehicle. Doing house hold chores without any domestic help.

4. Less consumption of alcohol – Instead of regular drinking habits one can cut it down to moderation to maintain the HDL levels.