3 ways to get rid of bad breath


UpdatedTrends.com: You have to agree with the fact that bad breath can be an unpleasant experience for youf as well as for people around you. But once consolation is that it is a common problem and is caused mostly due to the odour causing bacteria that flourishes in the mouth. Everyone hunts for ways to get rid of this bad odor which seems to start at unexpected times. Ti help you battle the stink, here are a few ways by which you can get rid of bad breath.

bad breath

1. Hydration – It might sound strange, but drinking plenty of water helps in keeping your mouth hydrated and when the body becomes dehydrated, the mouth stops producing an adequate amount of saliva. Saliva helps in keeping the mouth odour free.

2. Brush twice a day – The best way to stay away from dental problems is to brush twice a week with a good tooth brush and a tooth paste. This eliminates bacteria and plaque that builds from food particles stuck between the teeth. It is also important to clean the tongue with a tongue scrapper on a daily basis. If you dentist permits, then try using a medicated mouth wash twice a day after meals to ensure that the issue is at bay at all times.

3. Sugar-free gum and mints – When your mouth is dry or if you feel that you have bad breath, the sugar-free gums and mints help in boosting the saliva which in turn helps in masking the odour and also helps in maintaining oral hygiene. It is better to go in for sugar-free products as you just want to get rid of the breath and don’t want to cause any long-term damage to your teeth or health.

It is also a good habit to eat at proper times everyday and to ensure that you gargle your mouth whenever you consume food, colas or soft drinks. If you have bad breath for a prolonged period, then it is best to consult your physician.