Daily consumption of vitamin pill to protect from skin cancer- study


UpdatedTrends.com: In some good news for those worried about their skin, a recent study has revealed that taking a vitamin pill daily can help in preventing skin cancer. The study is more applicable to women than men.


Scientists said that people who take food supplements containing vitamin A are less likely to develop melanoma. Melanoma is known to be the deadliest form of skin disease.

The researchers found that retinol is a key component of Vitamin A and is cable of protecting against the illness. The most protective effects of the component were found in women as well as in sun exposed sites that suggested that retinol actually helps in fighting skin cancer.

On the other hand, there was no association between dietary intake of vitamin A that was found in eggs, milk and liver and a reduction in the risk. No reduced risk was noticed in the intake of carotenoids which are abundantly found in vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and that soak up compounds that damage the skin. An earlier research on mice determined that retinol and carotenoids can shrink melanoma tumours and improve the survival. Retinol is also good for the immune system and eyesight.