Snacks between breakfast and lunch do not help lose weight


Updated Trends: For those women who are trying to lose some weight, it is not advisable to have snacks between breakfast and lunch. A new study has mentioned that those who binge in between breakfast and lunch time tend to lose less weight than those who do not.


Some of the diet plans suggest that it is better to eat snacks between meals so that the person does not overeat during the normal meal time. But according to research conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, the value of snacking depends on the hunger of the person.

The research observed 123 adult women aged between 50 and 75, who were either overweight or obese. The participants were randomly assigned a diet plan that had restricted on their calories. They were not even given any specific instructions over snacking.

When the data by the participants was observed, it was found that those who had a mid morning snack lost on an average of 7% weight while those who did not eat any food or drink between breakfast and lunch lost 11% of their weight. Dr. Anne McTiernan, opined that it is not the time of the snack that is responsible but it is the short interval between the snacks.