One in 12 teenagers practice self harm, study


Updated Trends: Raising the teenagers is usually the most difficult part of life for parents. A new study has revealed that one in 12 harm themselves, but most of them harm in early adulthood.

self harm

It was found that self-harm depended on the extend of the problems faced by teenagers. The study also stated that the problem was worse in girls.

More than 2,000 youngsters were followed in the study between the age of 14 to 29 years. The researchers had pointed out the emotional vulnerability of the youngsters since teenagers often fall prey to the ill effects of the hormonal changes and also the complex development of the brain.

Some of the youngsters also consume alcohol in the name of self harm in secret and this sometimes also includes taking drugs in order to escape from depression and anxiety. The research was carried out by the researchers in Australia, who had said that the picture is similar in the UK. Professor George Patton, one of the authors of the study, said that these teenagers could be on a fast track of adulthood and could also be those who have been exposed to early sexual activity. This is the reason youngsters get involved in consumption of drugs and alcohol.