Sleep texting a new problem due to cell phones


Updated Trends: Technology has become another reason to give rise to new problems to humans in their daily life. Stress is one such problems. Due to stress in the everyday life more and more people are now sending text messages while in their sleep. Shocking, but true!

sleep texting

According to the experts, a new phenomenon has arisen due to more work during the waking hours. This is a rare condition when the sufferers send messages to friends and family, while they are completely unaware what they are actually doing.

Dr. David Cunnington, a sleep specialist, said that people should keep their cell phones outside their bedroom if they want to have sound sleep. David is a sleep expert at the Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre Centre in Australia and has said that people are nowadays doing too much of work during the day and the cell phones make them feel that they are at work even during the night.

The cell phones and the smartphones have made communication so easy that it has now become difficult to draw line between work and rest. Till now, no studies have been conducted about sleep texting, but a report in 2008 said that a woman in America sent 44 emails while in her sleep.