Sleeping after a problem works as therapy, study


Updated Trends: A recent study has suggested that it is good to sleep over a problem as it provides therapy overnight for painful memories. A study conducted by the researchers in California found that when the person enters the dream stage of the sleep, the stress systems of the brain are de activated.

Sweet dreams

The brain is reportedly spared by the emotional turmoil that the person has just gone through at least during the sleeping hours. The scans of the brain show that after sleeping, the emotional centre of the brain is less active and the areas that are in charge of the rational thoughts take over.

This helps the person to get over the painful experiences from the earlier day. This study can help to explain the reason why post traumatic stress disorder victims, who normally suffer from disturbed sleep. Such people face great difficulties in overcoming painful memories.

Till now there is no specific reason why people spend a third of the lives sleeping. But the study has indeed added to the importance of the REM (rapid eye movement) phase. The senior author of the study, Matthew Walker, said that dreaming provides a person with overnight therapy that works as a soothing balm and removes the sharp edges.