3 ways to take care of your health and diet during pregnancy


Updated Trends: Pregnancy is the most special and the most delicate phase in a woman’s life. While everyone gets busy thinking of a name and buying new little clothes for the new one, the woman has to also take care of herself during the phase.


1. Do not eat for two – When pregnant, it does not mean that the mother-to-be has to eat twice as much she used to eat when not pregnant. A pregnant woman needs 300 more calories per day than her pre-pregnancy needs. One has to increase the daily servings with healthy food items and the proportions do not have to be exaggerated.

2. Things to avoid – When pregnant, one has to take care not to consume certain foods that may be harmful for the pregnancy. You have to avoid raw or uncooked meat like sushi. A pregnant woman should also avoid fish due to the risk of mercury in the meat. One should also avoid consuming caffeine.

3. Regular exercise – While pregnant, you should indulge in exercises which involve less impact. Exercises like swimming, walking or bicycling are best unless you do not over exert yourself. However, one should avoid exercises in which you may lose balance or lie on your back or belly.