5 ways to prevent infection from mosquito bites


Updated Trends: One of the most common bites experienced by people across the globe is of the mosquitoes. Many times, it itches and if they are scratched and the skin is broken then it can lead to infection. Such infections can be prevented by following some of the simple ways.


1. Wash – After you have discovered a mosquito bite, wash the affected area immediately with water and soap. Washing removes the dirt and the germs that come from the environment and the mosquitoes.

2. Do not scratch – As far as possible do not try to scratch the affected area. Scratching breaks the skin and makes it prone to infection.

3. Ways to stop itching – One can use an oral antihistamine or a Hydrocortisone cream to help stop itching. You can even spray a deodorant, as it has alcohol in it which has antiseptic agents. These remedies would avoid the temptation to scratch the affected area.

4. Trim finger nails – In case you cannot help scratching yourself, then you can at least trim the finger nails so that the skin does not break.

5. Healing infection – In case of an infection, apply hot compresses, which will help in healing the infection. A solution of hydrogen peroxide can also be used to combat infections.