Migraine likely to increase risk of depression?


Updated Trends: A new study by researchers in Canada mentioned that people who suffer from severe migraine headaches are more likely to develop clinical depression. The research that has been published in the journal Headache, also mentioned that it could also affect the other way.


This study indicates that clinical depression can also lead to migraines. The author of the research Geeta Modgill, said that the people who are suffering from such ailments must be aware of the signs of both the ailments as each ailment could be at a higher risk for the other.

In terms of a migraine, it can be a pain on one side of the head and can also make the person feel nauseous and even sensitive to light. Sometimes they can also be disturbed by visual disturbances known as auras.

On the other hand, depression is a serious mental disorder and the symptoms can include fatigue, insomnia, sadness and emotional numbness. Modgill studied more than 15,000 and also followed up with them every two years. It was found that the cases of depression were more common among those who suffered from migraines. And those suffering from migraines were more likely to develop depression. But the study failed to determine the link between depression and migraine.