Home birth risky for first time mothers, study


Updated Trends: An important study has warned that first time mothers who opt for a home delivery procedure are three times more likely to develop complications than those who go to the hospital. It was also found that almost half of the mothers who opt for a home delivery have been shifted to the hospital while in labour.

home birth

Doctors have now warned women, who are going to have their first babies, to choose the place of delivery wisely. On the other hand, research even mentioned that women who are going to give birth for the second or the third time, were classified in the low risk segment.

The study added that women who are giving birth for the second or third time are safe even at home or on a midwife- only basis as they are in the hands of specialists in the hospital. Doctors have said home births should be encouraged for those who are giving birth to second or third time or those who have had healthy pregnancies in the past.

More than 65,600 births classified in low risk were studied in the research conducted by the Oxford University. It was found that the complications that included in the home birth for first time mothers included, still birth, brain injury, fracture in the upper arm or baby dying within the first week of birth.