Games and puzzles can help dementia patients


Updated Trends: Games are surely a good way to keep one busy. A new study has suggested that spending two hours a day in keeping the mind and body busy can be a good treatment for dementia. The study also states that the treatment can be as good as a drug treatment.


A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany mentioned that everyday games and puzzles are capable of postponing the cognitive function in the dementia patients. It also helped in their ability to carry out the everyday activities for at least a year.

Some 98 participants were studied, who were involved in a two hour therapy session known as MAKS. The session began with a 10 minute spiritual introduction and the participants then discussed topics about happiness or sang a song or hymn.

It was found that the results were as good as treatment with cholinesterase inhibitors that are normally prescribed to the dementia patients. On the other hand, the patients ability to perform daily living tasks was higher than the results achieved by the medication. At present, researchers are in the process of extending the results of the preliminary research to see if this could prevent the dementia decline.