Simple urine test to determine complications in pregnancy


Updated Trends: Scientists have now found a new way to predict if which women are more likely to develop complications. A simple urine test can now predict the possible risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnant women, that is highly accurate.


Pre-eclaimpsia is a condition which if not determined and left untreated, can lead to a fatal pregnancy. So far, the key problem has been separating the women who have high blood pressure and the women who have high blood pressure linked to pre-eclampsia.

Some of the doctors from Mayo Clinic that have hospitals across America, have found that some of the kidney cells drain in to the urine in the women who are suffering from high blood pressure and are vulnerable to develop pre-eclampsia.

315 women were tested by Dr Vesna and colleagues. It was found that 15 of them had developed pre-eclampsia and 15 others had developed high blood pressure without pre-eclampsia. Showing the accuracy of the test, none of the women with normal pregnancies had tested positive for the kidney cells. The same group had also studied the long term effects of high blood pressure in pregnancy on the women. Out of the 6000 women, who were studied it was found that after the age of 40 women who suffered high blood pressure during pregnancy, were more likely to continue to have high blood pressure.