Ginger helps reduce risk of colon cancer?


Updated Trends: Ginger has always been good for consumption and has plenty of benefits. A recent study has revealed that ginger also helps in decreasing the risk of colon cancer. Media reports have stated that ginger diminishes the inflammation in the gut.


The study was published online in the Cancer Prevention Research in October 2011. Suzanna M Zick, the lead author of the study, said that some of the earlier studies have said that chronicle inflammation in the gut is related to colon cancer.

This has suggested that reducing the inflammation in the intestines could help in reducing the risk of cancer. Zick, along with her colleagues, assigned 30 volunteers who were made to take pills which had two grams of ginger root extract or placebo powder.

Before taking the pills the volunteers were examined and had recorded the inflammations of the participant’s intestines. The size of the intestine was also recorded after taking the pills. The study found that the participants who had taken ginger pills had less inflammation compared to those who had taken placebo pills. Despite the positive response of the study, the researchers are not yet recommending patients to consume ginger at meal times. Zick said that this was just a preliminary study and they hope to conduct a larger study in the future.