Fish Pedicure not safe for people with weak immune system?


    Updated Trends: Health experts have warned that the people with a week immune system should not go for a pampering fish pedicure. Experts have also said that people with some medical conditions also should not indulge in such pedicures as it could be harmful.

    fish pedicure

    For the past few months, questions have been raised over the safety of the fish pedicure which uses the Garra Rufa fish that nibble the dead cells from the skin of the feet. However it has been said that the risk is very low in case of healthy people.

    But people with diabetes or psoriasis should avoid such treatments as they are more vulnerable to infections. The Health Protection Agency has said that the infection could be transferred from fish to person or water to person or even from person to person.

    The experts have said that it is fine unless the salons maintain the hygiene of the tub in which fishes are kept and the people immerse their foot. Such treatments are popular in Asia, but have been banned in some of the American states like Texas, Florida, Washington and New Hampshire. The treatments have been banned due to the fear that infection could spread through open wounds. So it is important that anyone considering a fish pedicure must ensure that they do not have any cuts or wounds.