Facebook likely to change people’s brains?


    Updated Trends: A new study has shown that the social networking site Facebook might have the capacity to change the brains of the people as well as their social world. The scientists in the research have found some direct link between the number of friends on Facebook and the size of the specific parts of the brain.


    The regions in the brain have some roles in the social interaction and also the memory and that at least one part is implicated in autism. The study has said that the differences might be seen due to the online effects on the brain.

    There are chances that individuals with certain brain traits are more likely to have more number of friends on Facebook as well as real life. Dr. Ryota Kanai, who is one of the researchers from the University College London, has said that they have found some interesting brain regions that seem to link the number of friends people have in real and on Facebook.

    The question in front of the researchers is that of these structures can change over time. This will further help the researchers to know if the internet is actually changing people’s brains. The study will further help to know how the interactions with the world are mediated through the social network.