People with sweet tooth tend to be sweet and friendly by nature?


    Updated Trends: A recent study in America has found that people who have fondness for sweets are likely to be sweet in personality too. The research was conducted by the researchers from Gettysburg College, St. Xavier University in Chicago and the North Dakota State University.

    sweet tooth

    It was found that people who were more inclined towards sweets were more likely to volunteer and help people in need. Such people are more kind and helpful that those who do not like sweet stuff.

    Some 500 people were tested for their love for sweets and agreeability. It was found that people who ate one piece of chocolate instead of a non-sweet food, were friendlier and more agreeable.

    A link was also found between the word ‘sweet’ which is used to describe a person’s personality and also their preferences for sweet tasting food. Brian Meiers, a psychological professor at the Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania said that it was striking as people with helpful and friendly nature are considered as sweet as the taste would seem to have little common with the personality and behavior. The studies had found positive moods and so the effects that were found were not because of the fact that it makes people feel good after eating.