Materialistic couples do not make great marriages?


    Updated Trends: In a new study, researchers have found that couples who value money and are more materialistic, tend to have unhappier married lives that the couples who do not care much about what they possess. The study has said that loving money may not be that good for your own love lives.


    Jason Carroll, a professor of family life at Brigham Young University has said that the effects of such materialistic views apply to the families of all levels of income. The study had said that a materialistic mind when marries a like minded person, may not be good for the future.

    Families where both husband and wife are bothered about the materialistic goods are the least satisfying marriages. Carroll had further said that the situation might become worse when marriage takes place between an unmatched pair.

    For instance, one is a spender and the other is the saver. The study had further found that if both the people in the couple have materialistic views then the struggle increases. Carroll has thus said that being materialistic is no where healthy for any marriage. It was also found that people who are materialistic are more depressed, anxious and even insecure than those who are non materialistic. This has indicated that craze for money invites trouble at home.