4 ways to eat several small meals


    Updated Trends: Having four to six small meals in a day can help you in controlling your appetite and also helps in avoiding overeating. Eating small meals in the day helps in keeping energy levels up and also helps in maintaining your focus at work. It also helps in keeping hunger pangs at bay especially when you get it during strange times on the day. Here are a few ways by which you can also follow a small meal diet.


    1. Eat everything – One can eat anything that you like. The motive is to have balanced diet and do not deprive your body of anything. The only thing to keep in mind is moderation – what ever you eat it should be moderate in proportion.

    2. Divide your calories – Divide the number of calories that you want to have in the whole day and plan your meals accordingly. Make sure that every meal has equal amount of calories.

    3. Say no to oversized portions – It is important to divide the meals in small proportions so that you do not over eat. Eating smaller amounts is healthier and also keeps you fit.

    4. Fruits as meals – Add fruits in your meals and make sure that you have your fruits as a meal and not as a desert. The sugar in the fruits if mixed with your meal can become toxic and can be harmful for the body.