Shedding 7lbs of weight could increase a year of life


Update Trends: In some good news for those who are overweight, a study has found that if you just lose just seven pounds of weight then you could add an extra year to their life. But at the same time, the researchers have also warned that to get that extra year to life, the weight loss must be sustained forever.

weight loss

The study has further suggested that commercial weight loss programs and Weight Watchers are better than the GPs, which help the obese patients shed some weight. The researchers from Birmingham University have said that the benefits of losing eight could include cutting the risk of diabetes and also increasing the life expectancy.

More than 740 British slimmers were observed and it was found that those who went to a commercial slimming centre had lost much more weight than those who were given a diet plan by their family doctors. On an average, it was found that those who had gone to commercial slimmers had lost 4.4 kgs, while those who had followed the GP advice had lost just 1.4 kgs.

Dr. Kate Jolly from  Birmingham University said that if overweight middle aged people could lose around seven pounds and maintain the weight, then they can gain a year of life.