Fruits and vegetables help avoid genetic-based heart problems – study


Updated Trends: It is an open secret that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for health. But now many are aware that they also have the capability to overcome the effects of the bad genes of the people with a risk of heart problems.


Some researchers in Canada have studied more than 27,000 people to find out if the environment or genes are more contributive to heart diseases. The researchers had focused more on the people who had a risk of heart problems due to their genes.

It was found that if people with such risky genes ate plenty of fruits and vegetables, they were not at risk for heart diseases compared to those who had a less healthy diet and were more likely to be prone to heart diseases. Dr. Sonia Anand, a professor of medicine, aid that if people with high risk genotype had consumed more veggies and fruits then their risk of developing a heart disease did not increase despite having a high risk gene profile.

The study has shown that diet can make a real difference in the risk of heart diseases, even if the risk is genetically based. Anand added that the family history or the genetic risks may be modifiable.

Despite the findings of the study, it does not empirically verify the fact that consuming fruits and vegetables will reverse a person’s predisposition to heart diseases. Exercise, a calm mental well being and appropriate medication needs to also be considered when dealing with heart problems.